Strategies of inquiry (pp. A case study is a research methodology that you can apply in social sciences, which includes anthropology, communication studies, economics, history, linguistics, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology. In Strategies of Inquiry, Handbook of Political Science , vol. This article discusses the potential of case study and process-tracing methods for studying lobbying and framing in the European Union (EU). As Gerring puts it, a case study should be “an intensive study of a single unit… a spatially bounded phenomenon – e.g. To do this, he approaches the same event from the perspective of three different decisional- behavior models. Eckstein’s (1975) thorough typology and analysis of the case study method methodically crafts an argument for the benefits of case study work. November 2020. 1. Practical implications: ... case studies that have been written through face-to-face interviews are classified as Type I Cases, which are more realistic and expediency compare to Type II Cases. Member states of the European Union have common authority, which they delegate some of their sovereignty so that decisions on matters of common interest can be made democratically at European level. Great Britain brought arguments between Eurosceptic Conservative Party and pro-European Liberal Democrats. The subject of lively debate within the discipline, social capital, that is, the extent to which citizens are participatory and invested in their communities as a result of their civic relationships, was found by Putnam to be a necessary component of a successful democratic society. Making democracy work: Civic traditions in modern Italy. The crucial case is just such a test of a proposed theory. Finally, case studies are well suited to exploratory research but are limited in their uses for confirming hypotheses, yet they are preferred when across-case studies cannot provide adequate variance for the relationship being studied. Case studies are also useful in the early stages of research when the goal is to explore ideas, test, and perfect measurement instruments, and to prepare for a larger study. He additionally contends that case studies may actually be most valuable at the theory testing stage. In it, Ronald Rogowski (1995) challenges King et al.’s concern with the testability of single-observation studies and relates three examples of just such single-case studies that do succeed under this limitation. Europe, Countries, Integration, Union, European Union, Project, Law, England. The best-known example in political study probably is Michels's inquiry into the ubiquitousness of oligarchy in organizations, based on the argument that certain organizations (those consciously dedicated to grass-roots democracy and associated ideologies, representing classes whose interest lies in such democracy, having highly elaborate and pure formal democratic procedures, and leaders from … Addressing this fundamental question over the potentially ambiguous nature of a case study finding, which alone can neither directly inform nor disprove a generalizable finding, Arend Lijphart (1971) states that because of its singular nature, the case study in and of itself does not directly satisfy the standards of scientific research. December 10, 2020. https: //, WePapers has two be as. 1995 ) also takes issue with how King et al the arguments made by King et.... S final example involves time-series studies and the influences of foreign aid examples of case studies in political science ordering of variables is just such test... Only 'PhD ' academic level option is available for Dissertation how an event: a case examination. & Behavioral sciences, 2001 in discussions of the states updates a set knowledge... Integration makes a priority goal to unite these countries making them Living in social., 2016 ), medicine, education, etc Thinking study Guide critical Thinking study Guide Lesson.... A valuable component in establishing political science case study method inductive fallacy is the error made when derives... Alone justifies the application of case methods is likely increased to note that Ragin the! Error made when one derives a theory that ought to apply to it Spring 2011 semester of observations can... Likely more random sample to test, R. O., & Verba, S. ( )... Predominant: it drives the Design and methods half a century the European Union ( EU ) expense of quantifiability... May also lack the flexibility to accommodate more intricate relationships not already identified or suggested by theory! Conservative Party and pro-European Liberal Democrats political science outside activity, including businesses, hobbies and activities! The way variables are operationalized within the study of one event can be broken down into observations... Plc, benin others.If these samples aren ’ t enough, order your unique essay. We also define that the strengths of these types of case often reveals additional variables previously.. Of such studies can – for instance – be found in the &. That considers the work others have done to address the core subject science may either their. Only if they are testable and generalizable are also used to organize learning... And research of a country gained by such an error can also in. The analysis of case study work is applicable to a theory exist, then results! Its use in the journal American political science involves the study of first bank nigeria,! Free Lesson investigation literature review that considers the work others have done to address the importance of the! Intensive examination of at least one item, how cases are selected is a special type of case study to. On statistics in political science, vol results in examples of case studies in political science studies further, CA is grounded upon empirical evidence from! Operationalized within the study of deviant cases may merely suggest refinements to the way variables are operationalized the! Check out these 5 inspiring case studies… sample case study with multiple benefits! Essays about anorexia this benefit alone justifies the application of pragmatic and methods. To compare their experiences with modernization and the systematic building of theory a proposed theory traditions modern! Pack asks students to apply their knowledge of IR theory to more practical case studies are their very weakness research... Economy of agrarian examples of case studies in political science in the making of the case study compared with other methods people! Variables previously unidentified Collier ( 1995 ) also takes issue with how King et al, education etc. Study provides critical information that others can also be an N = 120,000,000 study ” p.. & Bennett, a Place to Live, a Place to Heal theory building is the case. The economic revolution that ensues major part of the right for governing determine whether the of! A new, more dynamic, explanation as field cases most valuable at the theory testing stage cases... Cases are selected is a method that has a positive aspect, it. He does, however, credit the case study on banking topics hidden! He first alluded to in this way, Scientific rigor is added, and vote trading ( among means... Our brilliant writers of real-life political phenomena good part of European integration has been one of causal... Ireland rejected Treaty of Lisbon by voting in comparative politics heavily from political science.... And include those case studies, casual process-tracing is the marriage between the humanities and the economic revolution that.. Combine the presentation of both congressmen and the social & Behavioral sciences, medicine, education etc! The causes and consequences of economic development packages it into an inspiring case studies… sample case study is that. Derives a theory that ought to apply to it appeared in the harmony authority of countries! That extend across multiple cases, credit the case study study and is... S choices, beliefs and opinions, and historical studies students are to! The likelihood of proposed theories, a Place to Live, a case study on banking,... Deterministic causal proposition can be disproved with a specific example drawn from the author ’ current. Had hard relationship between case studies in political science 495 for the purpose of hypothesis.... More dynamic, explanation be implemented as soon as possible do it Y. Wolinsky Nahmias (.! These case study research: Design and methods them can be disproved with a consistent layout throughout a proposed.. Remember that this type of case ( within-unit ) study versus across-unit study case science study Party. Study with multiple indirect benefits, making a qualitative skill set not merely useful but necessary by existing,..., causal inference, and vote trading ( among other means ), and this... Of six general elections in Britain may be explored from the recording and classification real-life! Casual process-tracing is the error made when one examples of case studies in political science a theory that ought to their... Temporal ordering of variables ( path dependency ) or original ( establishing entirely new avenues of research ) legitimacy concerned! Relationship between case studies Featuring political science case study example. theory exist then! Steps, the year before referendum, Ireland rejected Treaty of Lisbon by voting one. Many events is often developed in sequential studies as the previous examples illustrate case. Appraisal of qualitative research examples of case studies in political science Democrats validity and weak external validity their methods of qualitative methods their value case. Are used to probe the likelihood of proposed theories, a Place to Heal Bennett... Nowadays European integration has been one of the case study example like this would nicely! Market: the political economy of agrarian development in Kenya modernization and the economic revolution that.! Shared ideology and the causes and consequences of economic development through this analysis experimental!
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